What we can do for INDIVIDUALS

  • Give you the skills you need as quickly and as conveniently as possible, so you can score that job that you want.

  • Help you to create your own personal budget spreadsheet, habit tracker or weekly schedule, so that you can better manage your time / finances.

  • From the convenience of your own home or workplace, show you how to properly use the spreadsheets and documents that you work with, so you can better perform your job and keep your boss happy. Happy boss = happy life.

What we can do for BUSINESSES

  • When people are untrained they waste hours of time (and therefore money) ‘doing things the long way’. Give your staff the skills they need to work efficiently and have more time for profit building tasks.

  • Make and save money through accurate forecasting, client management, stock control or sales. We can help you to create the spreadsheet/document that does the thing you want it to.

  • Keep your staff happy by giving them the skills they need to be able to best perform their job. We provide training for groups of 1 - 20, that is delivered either at your workplace or online.

  • Ready-made tools to help small businesses stay organised, save time and increase profit.

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