MS Word - 1hr Online Training


MS Word - 1hr Online Training

  • 1 hour of personalised online training delivered by a Microsoft Office Master trainer.
  • Free course materials/handouts
  • Post-course support for up to 60 days

Our Online Training is completely customised to suit your specific needs. After your current skill level has been assessed, the content of the training will be specifically tailored to suit you. Here are some possible topics:

  • Find and Replace (including use of the Navigation Pane)
  • Copy, Paste, Paste Special and the Format Painter
  • Paragraph Alignment tools (including spacing, colour and borders)
  • Bullets and Numbering (including Promoting and Demoting)
  • Spelling and Thesaurus
  • View (Zoom, Arrange All, Splitting Windows)
  • Page Layout and Print
  • Styles and Themes (Including moving to, modifying and creating new Styles)
  • Watermarks
  • Page Colour and Borders
  • Cover Pages
  • Tables (creating, formatting, sorting, Formulas and Convert to Text)
  • Pictures (inserting, modifying and arranging with text)
  • Shapes (inserting, modifying, copying, arranging with text, linking)
  • Smart Art diagrams (inserting, modifying)
  • Charts (inserting, modifying)
  • Screenshots and Screen Clippings
  • Bookmarks - (creating, moving to and hyperlinking)
  • Hyperlinks (to the Web or another place within the document, linking to shapes or objects)
  • Text Boxes (inserting, modifying and linking)
  • Word Art and Drop Caps
  • Objects (embed or link to other file types)
  • Columns (arranging text into columns, column breaks)
  • Page Breaks and Section Breaks
  • Headers and Footers (inserting, modifying, linking - having different types within the same document)
  • Comments and other Review tools
  • Using Quick Parts to add instant content
  • Table of Contents
  • Footnotes, Endnotes and other References
  • Mail Merge (letters, emails, evelopes and labels)
  • Creating Fillable Forms
  • Restrict Editing (Track Changes, Comments, Filling in Forms)
  • The Basics of Macros and customisation


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The Fine Print: Training is valid up to 6 months after the purchase date. Training may be cancelled/rescheduled without charge if 4 hours’ notice is given. If a training session is cancelled/rescheduled more than twice within a 1 month period, the training credit is forfeited.