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"I was amazed at how much I learned about Outlook in just one hour.  I can honestly say it is the best $50 I have spent in a long time and I am already planning to schedule training for Microsoft Word.  I think most of us get used to the programs we use every day and we don’t even consider getting training. But one hour of training can save you one hundred hours in productivity over time. I would highly recommend that everyone schedule some Microsoft Office training with Letitia."

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"I had met Letitia previously in person and knew she was an excellent trainer, but she is located half way around the world from me, so I figured she was out of reach. Then I found out that she now offers her training online via Skype. (To fund her exciting, wanderlust lifestyle). Many accountants are Excel power users. Letitia was able to amaze me with the 3 tips she pulled out of her bag, but maybe you think there is nothing left she can teach you.  I bet you are wrong." 
- Anya Ciecierski, CAL Business Solutions, Connecticut Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner, USA

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"I had a great time working with Letitia. She was very knowledgeable about Excel and was able to provide guidance on changes that would make entering monthly data much easier to do. I highly recommend Savvy Training to anyone that needs help or training with Excel."
- Jeff Harlan, Business Development Manager, USA

"The Excel 2010 training session Letitia ran was interactive and informative. It gave the team some really great tips and tools to maximise excel in their every day roles, enhancing their existing skill base with some new skills also. I highly recommend this forum as a way to both up skill and share knowledge!"
- Karina Smith, State Operations Manager, Australia

“My experience with Savvy Training has been excellent. As a trainer Letitia is competent and knowledgeable. She has a very calm and logical approach. The sessions are well structured and Letitia provides an overview of what will be covered at the start of each session - but she is very flexible and responsive to any issue that I raise or may come up. I also really appreciate that Letitia takes extra time to follow up and resolve issues for me. A big plus is being able to book an hour-long Savvy Training session at a time that works. It is a really effective way for me to learn.”
- Jo Gill, Human Resources Consultant, Australia

"I found the 1 hour session really helpful and although via video, I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to interact and use the documents and also be guided through settings, it was just as easy as sitting side by side. Really helpful!"
- Chantelle Tuohey, Segment Manager, Australia

"I cannot believe how fast that hour went! What a wonderful session, covering exactly what I needed to know (for a start) and how fabulous is the Zoom connection?! One on one training, tailored to what the individual needs and so easy and painless. Just perfect."
- Jenny Barry, Institutional Co-ordinator, Australia

“The training was excellent. I improved my excel skills in the first class. All tools provided were very applicable and helpful.
Letitia is an excellent trainer! I recommend it to everyone!”
- Maria Uran, Quality, Australia

"I totally enjoyed my Training sessions and have learned quite a lot over the 3 sessions. I would highly recommend this training. Letitia was excellent. I am looking forward to using my new found knowledge."
- Sharon Poka, Production Planner, Australia

"Training was extremely helpful and hands on. I liked being shown how, then given the opportunity to use myself with Letitia. Letitia showed me easier ways to use excel and lots of great tips on things I did not know existed. The online environment worked well too. I feel far more confident and I know what I have learnt is going to make my job much easier. I would highly recommend Letitia's training to everyone."
- Shirley Wallace, Administration Co-ordinator, Australia

"I loved the training! Letitia was very professional, she customised the session to my needs and made sure that I followed and understood each part of it. I would highly recommend her services to my friends and colleagues."
- Monika Podemska, Learning and Development Coordinator, Australia

"I really enjoyed each of my sessions with Letitia, she has a very friendly and calm manner which makes learning even more enjoyable.  I would highly recommend to anyone who is wanting to further their skills or even just go over the basics."
- Erin Griffiths, Personal Assistant, Australia

"After sitting through many facilitator led training sessions, it was an absolute pleasure to experience a class led by Letitia! As part of a Microsoft Excel 2010 training session, I found Letitia interesting and easy to listen to as she interactively shared her abundant knowledge. I have certainly come out of the training with new skills and helpful tips and would highly recommend Letitia to anyone wanting to become more 'savvy' with Microsoft Office."
- Tamara Ludvigh, Corporate and Commercial Banking Coordinator, Australia

"I consider myself fairly competent with computers but first spoke to Letitia at Savvy Training for a general "over view" of Microsoft Word and Excel, to improve my day-to-day use of computers in the office. Well, I was shocked to learn the true capabilities of these programs that I use every day! Letitia's hints and tips have saved me so much time, as well as improved the efficiency and appearance of my documents, spread sheets and newsletters.

Letitia is friendly, warm and easy to understand! No question was "too silly", in fact Letitia encouraged my feedback the entire way through each session. The sessions were at my own pace, so I always felt completely at ease. I would recommend Savvy Training to anybody, no matter what your level of computer skill is. I really didn't feel that I had much to learn, but I was able to take a lot away from each session with Letitia. I especially appreciated the handouts that Letitia e-mailed me at the end of each session, which was a Word document summary of everything she'd just taught me. I am excited to continue my sessions with Letitia and I cannot recommend Savvy Training highly enough."
- Courtney Irwin, Client Liaison Manager, Australia

"I found this course to be extremely beneficial to me. Letitia is a fantastic trainer who is patient and makes everything very easy to understand. She has an excellent knowledge of Excel and also explains not only how to use excel functions by also why they are used which makes creating spreadsheets a whole lot easier. I would recommend this course to anyone who needs to learn the basics of Excel."
- Tracey Bowden, Claims Executive, Australia

"I had the pleasure of recently receiving a bit of training for Excel. Letitia was enthusiastic and showed patience. I learnt a lot and she was very thorough. I have been using excel for years so she was able to tailor my training to things I needed and wanted to know about."
- Bianca Burke, Account Broker, Australia

"That was terrific. Learnt so much in 1 hour and all tips that will help in my everyday work. Thanks so much - you are great at what you do"
- Sue Bourke, District Coordinator, Australia

“Letitia is a very patient & kind teacher. Her positive manner inspires confidence for us as a learner. Her teaching style signifies the student. Her follow up as well as time saving tips are invaluable. Well worth the investment.”
- Margaret Mitchell, Administration, Australia

“Letitia really listened to what we needed and delivered training specific to our requirements and sending through follow-up materials was really quick and super helpful. Thanks Letitia!”
- Deb Amsler, Client Ambassador, Australia

“I found Letitia very skilled, and very easy to work with. She explained processed step by step, and really tailored the training to my skills set, and for what tasks I use Excel with, to come up with more efficient ways of working with Excel. Letitia was super friendly, and I would highly recommend Letitia and Savvy training to others.”
- Lauren B, Customer Service, Australia

“I couldn’t fault my experience studying through Savvy Training. The trainer and the online experience provided were fantastic. I would train this way again.”
- Bianca Stenner, Distribution, Australia

“Letitia was encouraging and optimistic throughout the sessions and the training was done in a very basic and easy to understand format. I found each session interesting and easy to follow. The documents provided for the training and handouts after each session were very handy and easy to use.“
- Belinda Price, Operations - Inventory Management, Australia